Kristen over at We Are THAT Family has a weekly post where she tells what works or does not work for her and her family. This is my contribution.

Cell phones…They do NOT work for me.

I’ll let that one sink in.

I know what you’re thinking. How can they NOT work for you?!?! Seriously, your entire life can subsist on that one little piece of equipment. And back when they came into our area, I had one and it was good. It was a phone. I made calls, I received calls…it worked like it was supposed to. And though yes, there was text messaging, it was a pay per message deal. Nothing at all like it is now.

Now, you can not only make calls, you can text, surf the internet, listen to music on the mp3 player, watch a movie, take photos, take video, keep in contact with people on instant messenger as well as facebook. Now they’re coming with applications that can be downloaded as well as qwerty keyboards so you don’t have to count how many times you push a number in order to get it to write.

How many people HONESTLY use their phone as a phone anymore? Now I’m not saying that they don’t still have their use, they do. I just don’t care for all the bells and whistles that is automatically on the phones. Not to mention the expense of something I might use less than 100 minutes in 6 months.

It’s just not something that adds any value to my life. So it doesn’t work for my family…

Don’t forget to check Kristen’s blog (linked at the top) for other Works For Me Wednesday posts. 🙂


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