Funny Things Kids Say

The following is overheard while I was cooking supper.

Nathan had gotten into some trouble with his Dad. His Dad was trying to get him to do something, and as with most 2 year olds, he doesn’t have much attention span or listen well.

“Nathan, I’m not telling you again! I said take that to your room! If I have to tell you one more time, you’re going to your room too!”

“Toy hater!” (said with as much disgust as a 2 year old can muster, finger pointing and the whole nine yards.)

At that point, I had to turn away. I started to snicker and I couldn’t let Nathan see me because that would undermine everything that was going on. So I continued mashing my potatoes, while his Dad defended his position on toys.

I guess to a 2 year old, being a “toy hater” is akin to calling someone a murderer or something. At least that was the inflection in his tone. But he was so serious and it was so funny. His father handled it wonderfully though. He handled it with all the seriousness that the situation warranted. But when it was over, we had a good laugh over it.

So, what has your children called you out of the blue?


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