Random Thoughts

Isn't he the best looking Spiderman there is?!?

First off, I want to admire just how handsome Spidey is. šŸ˜€Ā  I do think he gives any of the new actors a run for their money on handsomeness. But then, I’m probably VERY biased. šŸ™‚

Sorry, I’ve been absent a while. There has been some stuff going on. It definitely seems that when life decides to go nuts, it REALLY goes nuts! One of my Mom’s good friends passed away at the early part of the month. He was only a year older than she and he was in poor health. However much we may miss him, everyone agrees that he’s home and no longer suffering.Ā  On Saturday we are having a benefit concert at church to help his family with funeral costs and medical expenses. I really hope there’s a great turn out for his wife and children. He was a very well loved man by many people.

I FINALLY got through to the nurses and doctors about my son’s speech issues. I love him dearly but he’s not very clear on many sounds. We finally had him evaluated by a speech therapist and we have a game plan in. I dealt with feeling incompetent for a little while, but really if I’d have done what the doctors wanted, which is wait and let the school system catch it, I would have failed my son then. He sees the therapist once a week and he’s only had 2 sessions with Ms. Emily but he’s already making such progress! I’m so grateful to have gotten him the help now instead of later. Though I’m still fighting mad at how long it has taken the “professionals” to acknowledge the problem. (Oh and my son will be 3 soon and isn’t even speaking on a 2 year old level.)Ā  But all that matters is that he’s getting the help and he’s flourishing. šŸ™‚

I’ve been having some health issues to contend with.Ā  I’m struggling with taking care of me before taking care of everyone else. It’s a remnant of my childhood. My Mom was always putting herself last in order to care for all of us. And I’ve found myself in that same bracket. Everyone comes before me. It took some serious discussion for me to go to the doctor. The doctor agreed with Mr. W and had me donate some blood for their tests. I go back in a couple of weeks for some screenings and the results of the screens and bloodwork. I have faith that everything will work out. It’s just worrisome with the waiting.

I am excited for the upcoming holiday season. šŸ™‚ It all starts with Halloween. We’ve carved and painted pumpkins, we have ghosts flying around the yard. Thanksgiving is next and then there is Christmas. And in the middle of all that there are most of my families birthdays. šŸ™‚

I think Thursday is a good day for random thoughts. What do you think?


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