30 Days of Thankfulness Day 2


Nathan looking at me.

My son is a source of great joy in my life. He’s intelligent and zany and makes me giggle. And yes I’m grateful for him every moment of every day, even if I would rather lock myself in the bathroom to escape him. But it isn’t my son that I’m grateful at this moment, but rather his new insurance company.

I’m not going to start a debate on how insurance needs to be run, or who needs to run it. But I’ve not had good dealings with insurance companies. I had one tell me that I wasn’t a female and wouldn’t take care of annual preventive care visits. Talk about how hard it is to PROVE your gender. You’d think it would be simple. They can hear your voice over the phone. They can talk with your HR person (because this was through my job.)

ANYWAYS!…My son’s NEW insurance company! We were recently informed of some changes to our insurance company and that he’d have to be transferred to another company and a few options were given to us (comparable companies and plans, etc) by our old company. We picked one because the plan was almost identical. I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago, asking for a bunch of details about my son’s health. I answered them, expecting no more than this. The next day I received another phone call with a representative wanting to set up a face to face meeting. And yesterday was that meeting…

This lady met with me and we went over some health issues my son has. She said that because of his age and his conditions that he falls into their Managed Care Caseload. Which just means that someone will check on us every now and again to make sure that he’s getting his meds that he needs and that he’s able to get to his appointments with his specialist. And if I need ANY sort of assistance with either of these, to let them know and they’d help me. They have a 24 hour nurse hotline as well as an monthly allowance for common household things like ibuprofen, bandaids and such. To be completely honest, I didn’t think insurance companies would do something like that. And when I mentioned that to the representative yesterday, she smiled and said that her company wants healthy clients and they are proactive in keeping them that way. That is something I’m SO grateful for. 🙂




De-lurk yourself. :D

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