30 Days of Thankfulness Day 3

Me as a baby/toddler

That’s me as a little girl. I think I was near 2 there.  I was really into dresses growing up. I can remember the first time I chose a pair of pants instead of a dress. I was 9 years old, we were living in Augsburg, Germany and it was picture day. My Mom had a pretty dressed out and ready for me to go to school, when I put my foot down and THREW an absolute fit that I didn’t want to wear a dress. I wanted to wear pants. I didn’t have many to choose from because up to that point, I refused to wear them. So, my Mom, who wasn’t successful in getting me to change my mind, let me wear pants. That’s one of the first of many clashes she and I have had. I think that’s a part of the growing pains that both parents and children have to go through. And no matter what kind of grief I gave her, no matter how many times she wanted to throttle me (and I’m CERTAIN there was PLENTY as I was a trying child) she never did. She always stuck by her guns and did what she felt was right for me.

Now I’m not an only child. I do have a younger brother who’s almost 5 years younger.  He presented his own unique issues with her. How she handled the two of us, I’ll never fathom. But she did. And considering how we’ve both turned out, I think she did a smashing job. We’re productive people, we both have children and they are loved and well-behaved. We don’t get wild and crazy.

I won’t go into my Mom’s story here. It’s her story to tell. However, I will say this, considering all things, my Mom has overcome some serious obstacles in her path to where she is. And I’m so happy and proud that she’s my Mom. She’s more than just my mother, she’s my friend. She’s one of the few people I can count on for good advice and she’ll tell me the truth whether or not I like it. She’s been my go to person when it comes to rearing my own son. And he positively adores her. He has to see her every other day at least and he has to talk with her on the phone daily.  I have no idea what I’d do without her.  I don’t think I can ever express just how important she is to me. And no matter the struggles we had in the past, we have such a strong bond and always have had one. So on this day I’m beyond grateful that I have the Mom that I have and she’s positively irreplaceable.


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