30 Days of Thankfulness Day 5

Lil man concentrating on something

I think I mentioned somewhere that Nathan has asthma. It’s allergy related and unfortunately we can never get rid of the source of his allergy. 😦 He’s allergic to dust mites both carcass and fecal matter. And though I’d love to live in a sterile environment so he won’t have to deal with it, that is impossible. There’s dust everywhere. So we do what we can to keep it calm, which involves medicines, sprays, and wiping everything down more frequently than otherwise. The worst times for these flareups for him tend to be in the mid to late fall time. Just as everything cools off and we have to turn the heat on. It seems to stir something up. It’s been getting cooler at night lately. And we’ve been running our heater in the evening times. On top of this, he had to get his annual flu shot this past week. I know people avoid the flu shots because they don’t want to get the flu, and I’ll be honest, I don’t tend to get it myself. But, all things considering with his asthma, it’s important that he get it. (And I know all about the debate about vaccinations and I’m not open for discussion on the topic. You do what you feel is necessary for your child and I’ll do what I feel is necessary for mine, no judgements.)

So the last few days, he’s had a very runny nose and just not felt good in general. Normally, he’s running from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep. Rarely will he nap in between times. So getting him to slow down and just sit for more than 30 seconds is hard to do. But when he’s not feeling great, we pile up on the couch and drink hot chocolate (for me)/chocolate milk (for him) and watch cartoons and read books and just cuddle under the afghan.  And it is these rare moments with them that I am ever so grateful for. I know these days are numbered. I know soon enough he’ll be too cool for hugs and kisses, let alone cuddles from his Mom. He’ll be wanting the car and resenting me even asking him when I should expect him home. And though I hate that he’s sick, I REALLY wished times like these would last forever.


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