Third Birthday Party

Nathan’s birthday isn’t until December 23rd. And though I know November 12th is pretty early to be having his birthday, once Thanksgiving hits, getting friends together to celebrate his birthday will be very hard for us to accomplish. So we went to our local McDonald’s to have his birthday party. They have an indoor playland that my son LOVES to play in, and it allows the kids to run and play and work off the sugar rush that they get from the cupcakes.

...blowing out his candle

This year we didn’t have near the turn out that we thought that we would with the various bugs running around, but it never stopped my son from having an absolute blast. He ran and played so much that he passed out in the car on the way home.  He’s enjoyed his presents, his friends, and his party. And in the end that’s what matters most.

We still do a small cake and party each year on his birthday. Because it IS his birthday. We give him gifts on that day and we enjoy the anniversary of the day he decided to meet us. 🙂

Next year though, we’re going to have a party with his friends in June. This will allow him to get and enjoy some summer presents instead of getting everything that will work inside. This will also help us out, because we’re one of those families that most everyone’s birthday is at the end of November through the entirety of December. So that is a LOT of planning, gift giving and busyness on top of the madness that is Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How do you handle Christmas birthdays?


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