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Goodbye 2011…Hello 2012! :D

This is the last day of 2011. I hope the past year went well for everyone. I know my year went by fast. It had some good moments and some bad moments, but overall, it was a grand year. It has left me feeling more blessed than when I came into it. 🙂

I’ve been seeing all over internet, countdown lists and best of’s. I don’t have any such list.  I made some accomplishments this year. I was able to complete a large homemade Christmas present. It took me the majority of the year to make it, but it was made and it is being well loved right now. I’ve been very experimental in the kitchen. Thankfully with successes…most of the time. No one’s been hospitalized this year, which is a bonus because for the last few years, SOMEONE’S been in the hospital in my family at one point or other. So overall the year has been really great to me and my family. I can only pray that the coming year will be even better.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of resolutions or “non-resolutions”. I’ve thought about 2012 and all that I want to see in it. So I’ve made a short list of things I want to see and/or do through-out the coming year.

  • I want to create more gifts for the coming Christmas and cut down our cost even more.
  • I want to grow more spiritually. I want to help my family grow spiritually as well.
  • I’m going to start homeschooling my son this year. He just turned 3 and he’s learning his numbers and letters already. I already found a local co-op for him to attend once a week. We start on Tuesday. I’m VERY nervous and excited about this!
  • I want to work on my physical health and well-being. Which this has been a work in progress slowly but surely over the last couple of years. I can say I’m healthier today than I was 4 years ago. 🙂 Yay!
  • I want to be more gracious and peaceful leaving 2012 than I am walking into it.

There you have it. My big expectations list for 2012. I think it is a very doable list. 🙂

I hope that everyone has a safe transition from 2011 to 2012. I hope that you are able to accomplish all that you set out to do for the new year.

So what are some of your resolutions or non-resolutions?


Christmas has come and gone…

Warm fuzzy Christmas bear.

Birthdays, Christmas and more birthdays have come and gone. It’s been an insane month with everything.  We have 3 birthdays in the month of December, plus there is Christmas and New Years Eve. Oh and between the Mr’s birthday and Nathan’s, we all came down with the oh-so-wicked stomach virus. Nathan came down with it first, then the two of us a couple of days later. THEN it went to my Mom’s house. It was really rough. But thankfully, we all felt better by Christmas weekend.

That was a good thing because that weekend was so busy. It started with Nathan’s birthday. And though we had a big party with friends in November, we still had him a small family birthday party for him here at the house. We had cake and presents. 🙂 He really seemed to have a good time. Then there was Christmas Eve festivities. And finally, there was Christmas Day. I hosted this year, so we had a house full! It was great. Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts and the food and the company of everyone else. 🙂

New Years is fast approaching, that means that is the season of good intentions called resolutions. I have projects that I’m working on throughout the year to gear up for next Christmas. I was woefully negligent on that this year. I did finish my BIG Christmas present. My niece got her lap blanket that I crocheted. So I can count that as a FINISH! YES! However, I truly stink because I didn’t get a picture of it before I gave it to her. DOH! Oh well. 🙂 I know I made it and so does she. 🙂

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