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Goodbye 2011…Hello 2012! :D

This is the last day of 2011. I hope the past year went well for everyone. I know my year went by fast. It had some good moments and some bad moments, but overall, it was a grand year. It has left me feeling more blessed than when I came into it. 🙂

I’ve been seeing all over internet, countdown lists and best of’s. I don’t have any such list.  I made some accomplishments this year. I was able to complete a large homemade Christmas present. It took me the majority of the year to make it, but it was made and it is being well loved right now. I’ve been very experimental in the kitchen. Thankfully with successes…most of the time. No one’s been hospitalized this year, which is a bonus because for the last few years, SOMEONE’S been in the hospital in my family at one point or other. So overall the year has been really great to me and my family. I can only pray that the coming year will be even better.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of resolutions or “non-resolutions”. I’ve thought about 2012 and all that I want to see in it. So I’ve made a short list of things I want to see and/or do through-out the coming year.

  • I want to create more gifts for the coming Christmas and cut down our cost even more.
  • I want to grow more spiritually. I want to help my family grow spiritually as well.
  • I’m going to start homeschooling my son this year. He just turned 3 and he’s learning his numbers and letters already. I already found a local co-op for him to attend once a week. We start on Tuesday. I’m VERY nervous and excited about this!
  • I want to work on my physical health and well-being. Which this has been a work in progress slowly but surely over the last couple of years. I can say I’m healthier today than I was 4 years ago. 🙂 Yay!
  • I want to be more gracious and peaceful leaving 2012 than I am walking into it.

There you have it. My big expectations list for 2012. I think it is a very doable list. 🙂

I hope that everyone has a safe transition from 2011 to 2012. I hope that you are able to accomplish all that you set out to do for the new year.

So what are some of your resolutions or non-resolutions?


30 Days of Thankfulness Day 13

...only by Grace...

Day 13…I’m not new to the church scene. I’m not new to praise and worship, though I will be honest, I had turned my back on it for a long time. Then I came back to it, then I felt shame because I wasn’t the “christian” that I thought I should be. To be honest, though I’m not new to the “scene”, I’m completely incompetent. I’m not great at praying, but I’m working on it. I say what’s on my mind and in my heart and that’s all I can do. And I’ve had some issues going on lately, and it’s been serious enough to warrant a doctor and a battery of tests to be done. And as I mentioned in my “Day 7” grateful post, my doctor has been really awesome at taking me seriously and is doing what she can to figure out what’s going on.  In my past, I was diagnosed with PCOS and this isn’t something that “goes away”. It doesn’t go into remission and it doesn’t NOT affect you for the rest of your life. And after all the tests and ultrasounds, she could NOT find any evidence of having it at all. Which is bizarre. She said she’d not say that I don’t have it, but she’d say that at this point in my life it’s as though it’s in remission. If it could be called that. So that’s exciting!

So I’m sure you’re asking what does this have to do with God’s grace? Simple…see…it is ONLY by His Grace that all these tests are coming back good. And it’s by His Grace that I even got pregnant to begin with…(fertility issue, birth control, class D medications, condoms BECAUSE of the class D medications, and so forth and so on).  And since having had him, everything has gotten VERY normal. Even at almost 3 years later, it’s NORMAL …well…mostly normal. With the exception of this completely opposite problem, I feel that this is truly divinely given and it has only been by His Grace that I’ve gotten nothing but good news.

What has you grateful today?

30 Days of Thankfulness Days 7-12


Day 7… I’m grateful for my ob/gyn. She actually listens to me without brushing me off as being over-exaggerating or overly worrisome. Which is comforting. And through her we’ve assessed what the issue could be, and we’ve taken steps and tests to narrow down the possibilities. If it weren’t for her, I’d be under the FALSE assumption (because we expect our doctors and medical professionals to KNOW what they’re talking about) that it was just because I was aging. Comes to find out, regardless of which issue it COULD be, it is a very serious situation. So I’m grateful that I’m comfortable enough to just call her and she fits me into her schedule and she doesn’t blow me off.

Day 8…I’m grateful to new friends. A new friend of mine came over and took my son and I out for dinner and a movie. It was great fun. She’s a wonderful gal and my son positively loves her.  He really loved the movie too. Now every time we pass by the theater he’s asking “Puss -n- Boots on?”

Day 9… I’m grateful for old friends. These people have been through the ringer with me. They have been there when I needed hugs, cheers, and guidance. Without these few wonderful people, my life would be so bleak. I love them all so dearly.

Day 10…I’m beyond grateful for my wonderfully comfortable bed. It’s warm when need be, cool when it needs to be cool. It’s supportive and soft all at the same time. No wonder I love going to bed and I fall asleep as soon as I get there and I get a solid 8 or more hours sleep at night. Beds like mine should be against the law! 😀

Day 11… It’s Veterans Day. And I’m very grateful to the men and women who have enlisted in our Armed Forces and fight to protect our freedoms and our way of life. And no matter how they feel about the reasons to leave, they do their duty and they go. But I’m not just grateful to the men and women who are enlisted. I’m beyond grateful to their families and loved ones. And it’s times like these, while they’re deployed and fighting wars, that they need to be remembered and uplifted. They’re hearts are overseas with their loved ones.

Day 12… Today, I’m grateful for red velvet cupcakes. Today we had my son’s 3rd birthday party.  And since he loves Spiderman so, I made him some red velvet cupcakes with blue frosting with webs etched into them. I thought they looked really cute. He loved them. That’s evident by the mess that was on his face after having eaten one. (I’ll post more about his birthday tomorrow night. It’s time to clear up the house some tonight and go to bed. There’s church tomorrow morning!)

So what are you grateful for?

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 6

For the past almost 3 years, there hasn’t been a solid day that I’ve spent relaxing. There have been many days that I’ve had some time during the day, but not many where my obligations were so few that I could actually sit down and watch a movie or two.  And yesterday I still had my daily obligations of straightening and cooking and such, but I didn’t have to run to the store or doctors appointments or to family. I was going to go to church yesterday morning, however, Nathan being sick prevented us from going. So all of us spent the day piled up on the couch, cuddling and watching movies and covering up under the blankets.

I do believe that Nathan appreciated what time he spent on the couch with us, though that NEVER amounts to a long time at one setting. And though I did run to the store last evening, it was absolutely wonderful and refreshing to have a day where I wasn’t being pulled in all directions. It’s even more amazing that it was when I needed it most. I have had a stressful week and it came to a head today.  But that is a blog entry for another day. 🙂 I’m just ever so glad that I was able to enjoy my day.

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 5

Lil man concentrating on something

I think I mentioned somewhere that Nathan has asthma. It’s allergy related and unfortunately we can never get rid of the source of his allergy. 😦 He’s allergic to dust mites both carcass and fecal matter. And though I’d love to live in a sterile environment so he won’t have to deal with it, that is impossible. There’s dust everywhere. So we do what we can to keep it calm, which involves medicines, sprays, and wiping everything down more frequently than otherwise. The worst times for these flareups for him tend to be in the mid to late fall time. Just as everything cools off and we have to turn the heat on. It seems to stir something up. It’s been getting cooler at night lately. And we’ve been running our heater in the evening times. On top of this, he had to get his annual flu shot this past week. I know people avoid the flu shots because they don’t want to get the flu, and I’ll be honest, I don’t tend to get it myself. But, all things considering with his asthma, it’s important that he get it. (And I know all about the debate about vaccinations and I’m not open for discussion on the topic. You do what you feel is necessary for your child and I’ll do what I feel is necessary for mine, no judgements.)

So the last few days, he’s had a very runny nose and just not felt good in general. Normally, he’s running from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep. Rarely will he nap in between times. So getting him to slow down and just sit for more than 30 seconds is hard to do. But when he’s not feeling great, we pile up on the couch and drink hot chocolate (for me)/chocolate milk (for him) and watch cartoons and read books and just cuddle under the afghan.  And it is these rare moments with them that I am ever so grateful for. I know these days are numbered. I know soon enough he’ll be too cool for hugs and kisses, let alone cuddles from his Mom. He’ll be wanting the car and resenting me even asking him when I should expect him home. And though I hate that he’s sick, I REALLY wished times like these would last forever.

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 4

For as far back as I can remember, I wanted to work. I wanted to be a CEO or a manager of a hotel. I wanted to travel and I wanted to be unencumbered. (see this is how I saw husbands and children) This mentality continued through high school and on into college. Actually, though the best laid plans of mice and men go, it didn’t always go as I’d planned it. Things happened that prevented me from continuing college. Then I was needed at home to help take care of things. Then as I worked harder and harder, I made too much money to receive help to go to school, but not nearly enough to pay my own way. Such is life. I’m not complaining about it, it just is what it is. Years go by, and I find out that I have PCOS which is a very serious fertility disorder. It was explained to me that mine, in particular, didn’t allow me to ovulate. And I’ll be honest, I was mad about that. I was really angry because my choice was now taken away from me. But eventually, I decided that there were millions (well, ok, maybe not millions, but I’m sure there are a whole bunch!) of kids out there that would need someone to love them. So one day, when I was ready I’d be ever so happy to adopt one and love him/her with all my heart.  So as the story goes…

Girl meets boy….and he felt the same as the girl. He wasn’t particularly interested in having children but if he ever changed his mind, he’d be more than happy to adopt. (You see, boy also had a fertility issue.) Fast forward 2 years, we find out that we’re expecting our first child. In utter amazement, I sat there and watched the ultrasound images on the screen and watched this little person moonwalk in my belly.

Fast forward another 3 years, our son has had some issues. He has asthma and allergies and he has mild seizures. But he’s so precocious and sweet and smart. And his Dad works very hard and long hours so I can stay home with him. And for that I’m ever so grateful. So this girl, who never dreamed of having a family of her own, couldn’t imagine any other life than this one. I couldn’t imagine working during these early years. Now mind you, sometimes I wished I could get away. But on days that I get great big smiles and lots of hugs and kisses and crazy stories about Bunny eating his cheerios, those are the days that I am glad I get to sit at home with him and grow with him. (Those days are every day…for the most part.)

So on this 4th day, I’m ever so grateful that I’m given the chance to stay home with my little boy.

(Yes I know it seems like I’m a day behind. But I spend the day deciding on what I’m going to be grateful for, and THEN I write about it. Instead of writing about it before the day comes.)

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 3

Me as a baby/toddler

That’s me as a little girl. I think I was near 2 there.  I was really into dresses growing up. I can remember the first time I chose a pair of pants instead of a dress. I was 9 years old, we were living in Augsburg, Germany and it was picture day. My Mom had a pretty dressed out and ready for me to go to school, when I put my foot down and THREW an absolute fit that I didn’t want to wear a dress. I wanted to wear pants. I didn’t have many to choose from because up to that point, I refused to wear them. So, my Mom, who wasn’t successful in getting me to change my mind, let me wear pants. That’s one of the first of many clashes she and I have had. I think that’s a part of the growing pains that both parents and children have to go through. And no matter what kind of grief I gave her, no matter how many times she wanted to throttle me (and I’m CERTAIN there was PLENTY as I was a trying child) she never did. She always stuck by her guns and did what she felt was right for me.

Now I’m not an only child. I do have a younger brother who’s almost 5 years younger.  He presented his own unique issues with her. How she handled the two of us, I’ll never fathom. But she did. And considering how we’ve both turned out, I think she did a smashing job. We’re productive people, we both have children and they are loved and well-behaved. We don’t get wild and crazy.

I won’t go into my Mom’s story here. It’s her story to tell. However, I will say this, considering all things, my Mom has overcome some serious obstacles in her path to where she is. And I’m so happy and proud that she’s my Mom. She’s more than just my mother, she’s my friend. She’s one of the few people I can count on for good advice and she’ll tell me the truth whether or not I like it. She’s been my go to person when it comes to rearing my own son. And he positively adores her. He has to see her every other day at least and he has to talk with her on the phone daily.  I have no idea what I’d do without her.  I don’t think I can ever express just how important she is to me. And no matter the struggles we had in the past, we have such a strong bond and always have had one. So on this day I’m beyond grateful that I have the Mom that I have and she’s positively irreplaceable.