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Christmas has come and gone…

Warm fuzzy Christmas bear.

Birthdays, Christmas and more birthdays have come and gone. It’s been an insane month with everything.  We have 3 birthdays in the month of December, plus there is Christmas and New Years Eve. Oh and between the Mr’s birthday and Nathan’s, we all came down with the oh-so-wicked stomach virus. Nathan came down with it first, then the two of us a couple of days later. THEN it went to my Mom’s house. It was really rough. But thankfully, we all felt better by Christmas weekend.

That was a good thing because that weekend was so busy. It started with Nathan’s birthday. And though we had a big party with friends in November, we still had him a small family birthday party for him here at the house. We had cake and presents. 🙂 He really seemed to have a good time. Then there was Christmas Eve festivities. And finally, there was Christmas Day. I hosted this year, so we had a house full! It was great. Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts and the food and the company of everyone else. 🙂

New Years is fast approaching, that means that is the season of good intentions called resolutions. I have projects that I’m working on throughout the year to gear up for next Christmas. I was woefully negligent on that this year. I did finish my BIG Christmas present. My niece got her lap blanket that I crocheted. So I can count that as a FINISH! YES! However, I truly stink because I didn’t get a picture of it before I gave it to her. DOH! Oh well. 🙂 I know I made it and so does she. 🙂

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