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Home…home on the range….

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tracy and this is my little spot here in blogosphere. Here I’ll post about pretty much anything that springs to mind. Laundry soap recipe? Sure, why not. How to make homemade wipes? That too. How to make the best cake ever? Sure (in my opinion anyways!) Want to know how to repair a sock (does anyone REALLY do this anymore??!) Sure, why not I know how. Most of all, I’ll most likely be posting about my son, Nathan.


Nathan looking at me.

He is my world. (I know, you’re saying “All Mom’s say that.” And we do. It’s in the job description…don’t believe me? You need to check out the Mommy contract. It’s in there.) And like all kids, he says the darnedest things. He’s actually the inspiration for the name of this blog. Right now it’s his fastest and easiest way to embarrass me. He just blurts out “MOOOOMMMMM! I poooooted!!!” Yup, hide me now. Preferably under a rock with a lot of moss on it.

So what have your children said that send you crawling under the nearest rock?